The United States government (the Trump administration) is preventing Congress from auditing its aggressive hacking policy. The attacks on Iran and Russia took place using this aggressive strategy. The lawmakers are not given access to it for the past year. They believe that the prevention of their access to this classified plan could backfire badly on the country. It has every possibility to make the US cyberspace less safe and secure. The strong policy is not free to access for the higher-ups who always have access to classified material. 

The Fear of the Lawmakers 

The people’s representatives from the Republicans and the Democrats feel that this stubborn act by the Trump administration can put the country under the cybersecurity threat. There is every chance for the US to face cyberwar if the lawmakers are not given a chance to have a say in the decision taken by the Trump administration. The worst situation that the country could face is to instigate retribution from the enemies. This can cause serious damage to the US. The administration has to take the Congress in its stride. They need to spell out the details about their plans for the Congress to know the parameters and what the government is looking to do with it. The Republicans want to do their job and want to make certain that the government is doing its job in a proper manner.  

Bipartisan Policymakers are Also Kept in the Dark 

It is not only the Congress but the cybersecurity committee panel that are denied access to the new defacing policy of the Trump government. The House Armed Services Committee‘s cybersecurity panel’s head, Langevin, has sent letters to the government since February to give out details in a classified memo. The earlier governments used to share the details on how and when they would carry out the offensive hacking over their adversaries. He said that Trump’s government has not budged despite several negotiations.   

Langevin and his panel are on the verge of forcing the president’s hand to get the details of the hacking policy. They are looking at releasing this document with amendments and should get the clearance as a defense policy bill. This is what is now discussed and negotiated upon between the ‘Senate’ and the ‘House’.  

Backing the Military Strikes 

Langevin is with the government for carrying out the military strike against the hacking operations backed by the Russian, Iranian, North Korean, and Chinese governments. He also wants Congress to ensure that the diplomatic interests of the country are not compromised. The strikes carried out by the US should not trigger a retaliation wave against the businesses in the US. SMEs are already experiencing too many data breaches and cyber attacks as it is. Reaping the benefits of VPNs, antivirus, and other security software has become not a luxury but a necessity. The cyberspace is full of complications and surprises. There are chances for the US attacks through its stringent hacking policies on the enemies to have a rebounding effect and cause damage to the partner’s computer networks. This is about global safety and security and can affect a lot of nations. This is a serious hacking policy. It needs the support and backing of Congress and lawmakers. Only then, it is viable to safeguard the interests of the people of the nation. 

Look Out for a Responsible Cyberspace Strategy  

The US is hell-bent on creating a very aggressive cyberspace tactic. It is important that the government takes everyone in their stride and make sure that policy development takes place in a responsible manner. The former National Security Advisor John Bolton had said in June that the US was successful in thwarting the interference from Russia during the midterm elections in 2018. There was also a digital strike carried out by the Trump administration on the Iranian computer database that attacked the oil tankers. 

Why the White House Blocks the US Hacking Audits?

The block is in the congressional overlooking the decisions that the White House takes is going on for a long time. The issues where Congress has accused the president of mismanagement and corruption are not allowed to be overlooked by lawmakers. The accusation inquiry against the President that was pursued by the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will make matters worse. The government will be more adamant now. 

Congress Needs to be More Vigilant 

With Trump looking to bring in new administrative faces that include defense secretary and national security adviser, Congress needs to monitor what the US hacking policy is doing in a close manner. The hacking policy will only work if Congress is carried along to see if the US is making the world a safer place. There is continuous pressure from House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith and ranking Republican Mac Thornberry asking the administration to share details about the hacking strategy. The Senate negotiations in this matter are still going on.